my list.


My own personal version of 30 before 30. I’ll update here as I cross things off the list!

Check out the original post here and the final post here. Its been a game changing year!

1 | edit my closet to only items i love

2 | give handmade gifts for this year

3 | start an eclectic etsy shop

4 | learn how to use our dslr camera properly

5 | learn some new, amazing recipes

6 | create a budget and stick to it

7 | redesign the park house. blog

8 | take a blogging class from a beautiful mess

9 | develop a cleaning routine that works

10| try rock climbing at least once

11 | get a tattoo

12 | go for a ten mile bike ride

13 | plan and book a trip to new york city

14 | paint our kitchen cabinets

15 | spend three weekends unplugged with g

16 | create a “giving tree” via today’s letters

17 | celebrate our first wedding anniversary!

18 | paint the living room

19 | make a great natural household cleaner

20 | perfect our “shabbat” inspired tradition

21 | send out christmas cards on time

22 | actually send out birthday cards

23 | learn to make legit, amazing paella

24 | save enough to do danielle laporte’s desire map

25 | use homemade compost on my garden

26 | go camping with g for the first time


3 thoughts on “my list.

  1. 19 days to go…how many have you crossed off…I know you just didn’t cross them off yet…nice job on the blog! Love You More

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