my list: 26 before 26

It’s been almost 2 months since the “deadline” for my 26 before 26 list. The one thing I can definitely say is that a lot has changed since I wrote this list eleven months ago. It all kind of started with this video.  (I know its kind of long but I would recommend watching it, because, well, it sort of changed my life.) That video inspired me to start thinking about how I want to FEEL in life. It also inspired me to buy The Desire Map book, which is fucking brilliant and you should get it now. And as I dived into The Desire Map, as I clarified the way I want to feel in this world, my perspective on this list changed. There are things on here that don’t feel important anymore, things that sounded like something I should do, something someone I perceived to be cooler than me might do.

But you know what? Screw that. The single biggest thing I have learned this year, bigger than anything on this list, is that doing what makes you feel good is the best damn thing you can do.


1 | edit my closet to only items i love – I am incredibly inspired by this perfect wardrobe series. It has allowed me to really begin to claim my personal sense of fashion.

2 | give handmade gifts for this year – I love giving handmade gifts, but sometimes a handmade gift isn’t the right gift. And sometimes that just isn’t how I want to allocate my time.

3 | start an eclectic etsy shop – This is a big one in the area of “things I thought I should do”, but at this point in my life, I think it would cause me more stress than happiness. Off this list.

4 | learn how to use our dslr camera properly – I’m learning as I go, but also trying to shake off the pressure of feeling like I need to be able to take professional grade pictures for my blog.

5 | learn some new, amazing recipes

6 | create a budget and stick to it – This one is in process, I want to feel abundance in my life, and really knowing my finances is part of that journey.

7 | redesign the park house. blog – Maybe someday! Who knows?

8 | take a blogging class from a beautiful mess

9 | develop a cleaning routine that works – This is something we continue to explore. I love our home, and I love it extra when its clean.

10| try rock climbing at least once

11 | get a tattoo

12 | go for a ten mile bike ride

13 | plan and book a trip to new york city – Someday, but not this one. When the time is right.

14 | paint our kitchen cabinets – Done and done! Its actually been done for a looong time and I am so excited to share it!

15 | spend three weekends unplugged with g – Also done. Love that man.

16 | create a “giving tree” via today’s letters – Hasn’t happened, but I am still on the lookout for a vintage wooden camera tripod. The perfect vintage piece cannot be rused.

17 | celebrate our first wedding anniversary! – A wonderful weekend at the B&B where we were married? Check.

18 | paint the living room – Parchment White. My favorite.

19 | make a great natural household cleaner – Check.

20 | perfect our “shabbat” inspired tradition – I like eating in front of the TV. So there.

21 | send out christmas cards on time

22 | actually send out birthday cards

23 | learn to make legit, amazing paella – Other people already know how!

24 | save enough to do danielle laporte’s desire map – Its a BOOK NOW! And have I mentioned its amazing?

25 | use homemade compost on my garden – That stuff takes time!

26 | go camping with g for the first time – Done. We camped in our Outback at a music festival! So much fun.