A Hint of Spring


I’m guessing at this point that everyone in the country has heard (or experienced) that this has been an exceptionally brutal winter. So far, the only silver lining I have found in the this way-too-far-below-zero-snow-dumping-black-hole-of-nonsense is that every hint of spring is extra sweet this year.


Recently we decided to check out the new Ten Thousand Villages store in south Minneapolis (I adore the St Paul location, and am so excited to have one closer to home!). I couldn’t pass up these lovely handmade flowers. They are so wonderfully spring-y, and I love that everything Ten Thousand Villages sells in handmade and fair trade. Every piece feels special.


C3PO approves. (This is what happens when you marry a geek.)


Corner Shelves + Vintage Pieces


I am so excited to share this project!

I recently came across this post about corner shelves on A Beautiful Mess and was immediately inspired.

I have always adored our main living space. It was one of the first spaces that we really made our own in the park house. Plus, it has lots of great details. However, along one wall we had these two IKEA bookcases.


They had been perfect in the dining room of our townhouse, and they were fine in our living room. They were fine. But “fine” is not how I want to describe the space I live in. Our homes should be inspiring, calming, and make us feel good. (I was so uninspired by these I don’t even have a picture of the other one. #badblogger)

So, I started dreaming of corner shelves. I imagined how we could redesign this space sans IKEA products (sorry, IKEA. I swear, I really do like you). My original plan was corner shelves on one side of the pocket door, with a console table and a couple ottomans on the other side.  I didn’t plan on doing anything for quite some time, I was just dreaming.

A few weeks later, we were wandering through a little antique shop in Wisconsin, and came across this beautiful wooden trunk with ivory inlay. For an insanely good price. We didn’t know where we would put it, but we knew it belonged in our home. So we started rethinking the console table idea… and much like the time we found our office chairs at World Market, everything snowballed from there.  Six days later, we had corner shelves and a home for that inlay trunk!



I just adore this change.



We picked up the vintage school chair at FindFurnish (which I’m going to go ahead and say is the best spot for vintage furniture in Minneapolis) and my grandpa made the candlesticks.



These great anchor bookends are from Fried Bologna, a fabulous vendor that sells at FindFurnish.

DSC_0559 DSC_0557 DSC_0554 DSC_0547


All of the building supplies for this project are from Home Depot. It only took a few hours to build the bookshelves! Check out the original tutorial for more building specs. The only thing we did differently was using a bracket to attach the shelves in the corner instead of using pegs. Enjoy!

DSC_0551 DSC_0524


Amazing Throws. Amazing Price.

I am a big fan of just about everything West Elm does. They make good quality products with impeccable design. But lets get real, as much as I love to invest in good quality pieces, that is not always in the budget.

So what I really love is  a good West Elm sale! And oh boy is one happening. Right now you can pick up West Elm’s wonderful throws at a wonderful price: favorite throws (regularly $30) for $10 and softest throws (regularly $50) for as low as $15. Obviously, we got one of each!



Run to West Elm now! You want these babies in your life.

(Also, this is a little preview of some big changes we made in our main living space. Can’t wait to share more!)

Aaaaand We Are Back…

Oh man friends, it has been a long time. I have missed this, and because I truly have missed this, I think it’s time for some honesty.

I have spent the last year seriously entangled in an internal debate. Almost exactly a year ago, I was sitting on a beach with the man I had been married to for, at that point, about four days, when I suddenly announced, “I think I want to quit my job and go to school for interior design!”

Now it may be good information for you that my husband is very rational, while I am very impulsive. He’s so left brained, I’m so right brained. (Although to be fair, he would read this and say that there is no scientific proof of the whole right brain/left brain thing. See? So left brained.)

I’m sure in his head he was thinking “what the hell did I get myself in to!?”, but he just looked at me and said “I think that’s brilliant.” I love him an extra lot because of that moment.

So I looked at interior design programs. I searched for jobs could get me in the field. But nothing ever felt quite right. And so began this year long internal debate: do I stay in education or move into the world of design?

Enter Marie Forleo.

Well, her YouTube channel. I’m not that cool.

Marie promotes a multipassionate approach to life. It’s how she approaches her own (wildly successful) business, and it’s the concept that ended my year long internal debate.

I don’t have to choose. And that, my friends, is freaking awesome.

The world of education does not allow me to fulfill my desire to create. I tried to convince myself it could, but for me that’s just not the case. But it does give me something. I don’t quite know how to put it into words, but I love that world. And Marie’s wisdom gave me the courage to allow myself to pursue both of my loves.

So here’s the plan: I’m starting my masters degree at the University of Minnesota in Learning Technologies, while simultaneously building my portfolio for Park House Design.

And I’m back to the blog. Because this is where I need to be.