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Of all the projects we have done since moving into the park house. just over a year ago, I think I can say this is my favorite one. The story of this office redesign is one of seizing the moment and not letting beautiful chairs opportunities pass you by. We had talked about what we wanted to do with our office space, but decided it was a project that would have to wait until after year end bonus time.

However, because we had those conversations, and had an idea of what we wanted out of the office space, we were able to strike when opportunities presented themselves. Like when we were wandering through World Market and saw two beautiful chairs on sale for around $200 for the pair after a 10% off coupon! I knew I would regret it if I walked away from such beautiful chairs at such a great price. Those chairs set our office redesign in motion. (Soon after we found the desk chair on clearance for $30. Crazy, right!?)

This is what we were working with pre-redesign. We hadn’t done anything more to the office than plopping down our existing office furniture and throwing in a few vintage pieces we collected over the last year.



Our ideas definitely evolved as we found pieces. The original plan involved warmer tones, but after looking at a paint sample against the chairs, they seemed to blend in too much. I’m so happy we went with the grey; our entire main floor in blues, greys and white and I love the way the rooms fit together.


It was important for us to have extra seating in here, we love to hang out together when one of us is working on the computer.

DSC_0222 DSC_0253 DSC_0231

I love the swanky lines on the vintage bronze desk lamp. I also adore our new iMac! For a great resource on desk styling, check out this post from Kristin Jackson. It came out right as we were finishing up this project, and I felt super cool because the pieces I’d selected for our desk were so in line. (Between you and me, I have a slight designer-blogger-crush on Kristin Jackson. Don’t tell anyone.)


DSC_0232 DSC_0205

I really let our geek flag fly while staging this shelf. Can you tell we are Doctor Who fans?


DSC_0213VDSC_0196 DSC_0201 DSC_0203

The globe is vintage from a local store we love (Hunt and Gather), the deer antler came out of the woods on my parent’s farm, and we picked up the painting on our honeymoon in Jamaica!


I really enjoy the sentimentality of this wall. The map is an aerial shot of my parent’s farm from 1950, the pictures are of the places Grant and I have travelled (left to right: Jamaica, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland), and the clock is from Grant’s grandma.

There  you have it, our office redesigned!

Sources: Desk | Desk chair | Mulberry Chair | Printed Chair




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