|Chalkboard| Chargers

chalkboard chargers headers

A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to buy a new set of dishes (thanks to our families and their generosity with our wedding!). Going from a mix of round and square brightly colored dishes to these simple, rectangular white dishes definitely prompted a change in place settings as a whole. Instead of placemats, the fun new shape of our dishes inspired me to make some chargers.

This was another simple and inexpensive project! After taking the measurements for the dishes so the charger would evenly frame our dinner size plates, I went to Home Depot and found the thinnest board that would work within our size requirements for both length and width, and had it cut into 8 equal pieces. Next was some light sanding to smooth out the edges, and wood glue and clamps (As you can sort of tell from that picture, I did this project while sitting in an adirondack chair outside. Plus I had strep throat. Its that easy.) to attach two pieces together. After letting it dry I threw on two coats of chalkboard paint, and voila! Chargers.









I love that they can be personalized for any occasion! I even used one for our wedding reception.



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