Bathroom Update.2

When we went on our honeymoon in March Grant’s parents stayed at our house, and were nice enough to paint our downstairs bathroom! Like I mentioned when I wrote about our main bathroom update, it was high on our priority list  to get our bathrooms painted with better quality, mildew and mold resistant paint.

The downstairs bathroom is pretty basic and definitely one of our least ‘designed’ spaces. However, some paint  and a little shelving update still made a big difference. (Plus it was really awesome to come home from Jamaica to a newly painted room!)

DSC_1102I made the curtain out of a pillowcase. Lazy lady’s solution, yo! I just sewed a seam through the top to make a pocket for the curtain rod, and clipped open the end of the pocket on the side that wasn’t already open. It took me all of 3 minutes and was one of those projects that seemed way too easy to be true.DSC_1107I picked the color based on the grays in these towels.DSC_1109


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