A time for firsts.


So yesterday I mowed the lawn at the park house. for the very first time. Subsequently, that means I used a push mower for the first time. It was a very frustrating process until I realized it had a choke. Anyway… in the process I learned three things about myself and my home.


Adult-onset ADHD makes it incredibly difficult to pay attention to keeping your lines straight, and thus results in an enormous amount of string trimming later to fix all the little slivers of grass left over. Coupled with my mildly neurotic need to do things correctly… let’s just say I started this job at 7:30am and was back out in the yard at 8:00pm fixing it more.


A family/colony of daddy long legs live along the north side of our garage. All I wanted to do was kill them, but I held back and let them live. I’m pretty sure they are good for my garden. Also, I had to pay penance for the results of Three.


Apparently moths like to hang out in the dewy morning grass. They are not great at getting out of it fast enough to avoid the lawn mower. Sorry little dudes.


Oh wait, there is a fourth thing. I would really like G to remain in charge of our household lawn mowing duties.


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