A time for firsts.


So yesterday I mowed the lawn at the park house. for the very first time. Subsequently, that means I used a push mower for the first time. It was a very frustrating process until I realized it had a choke. Anyway… in the process I learned three things about myself and my home.


Adult-onset ADHD makes it incredibly difficult to pay attention to keeping your lines straight, and thus results in an enormous amount of string trimming later to fix all the little slivers of grass left over. Coupled with my mildly neurotic need to do things correctly… let’s just say I started this job at 7:30am and was back out in the yard at 8:00pm fixing it more.


A family/colony of daddy long legs live along the north side of our garage. All I wanted to do was kill them, but I held back and let them live. I’m pretty sure they are good for my garden. Also, I had to pay penance for the results of Three.


Apparently moths like to hang out in the dewy morning grass. They are not great at getting out of it fast enough to avoid the lawn mower. Sorry little dudes.


Oh wait, there is a fourth thing. I would really like G to remain in charge of our household lawn mowing duties.


Where We Eat. Occasionally.

Helloooo! Did I forget to mention that I would be taking a stress induced/nervous breakdown preventing sabbatical from this blog from April 27th until this very moment? Oops. For me, nothing tops the end-of-the-year stress of being a teacher. I always get to that last day and feel like I just ran a 3 week marathon (immediately preceded by a 9.5 month warm up jog).

And then suddenly, it’s done. And I have almost two months to breathe. To focus on my sanity, my home, my marriage, my life. To prepare myself to start grad school in the fall. To do all the sweet projects around our house that I was dreaming about while literally surrounded my piles of paperwork a week and a half ago. And to catch up over here at the park house. So let’s get to it!

One of the things we loved about this house was that it had a huge living room (by 1950’s standards) and no formal dining room. If we’re being honest here, we eat 90% of our meals on the couch anyway. A formal dining room is not a good allocation of space for our lifestyle. (Side note, I am certain the woman who helped us do our wedding registry at BB&B would be abhorred at that idea. She and I had a legit argument because she was so concerned that we weren’t registering for a gravy boat. We came close to needing smelling salts when I told her that if we were serving a “lettuce salad” I would just put the dressing bottle on the table.)

However, we do have a small eat in dining space in our kitchen. We use it when we have friends over for dinner (with salad dressing bottles on the table. The horror.), and our Friday night tradition typically lands us there for dinner time at least that one night a week. It’s kind of a nice space; a cozy little nook in the corner of our kitchen with two windows to let in the sun. However, with the square IKEA table and chairs we had from our townhouse, it was a bit too cozy. Think, shuffling sideways to get around the table.

The week before G and I got married (3.10.13), I happened across a mid 1960’s era dining table at a local vintage furniture store we love and can rarely afford. However, this was a piece they had picked up but never got around to refinishing. Luckily for us, they eventually decided to sell it as is.


Which meant we got an awesome vintage dining table with swanky lines… and green vinyl chairs. I know its a junky cell phone picture, but who needs to see 1970’s green vinyl in high resolution? For the record, the green vinyl was someone’s update from the 1970’s. The original tan 1960’s upholstery is under there.

So, we had the table delivered a few days before our wedding, and (along with another project I’ll be sharing soon), Grant’s mom volunteered to reupholster these babies while we were in Jamaica and they house sat.



A small change can make a big difference.

DSC_0859 DSC_0862 DSC_0864


This space is so much easier to utilize with a round table, and this set feels right at home in this space. We may refinish the top of the table eventually, but we sort of like the charm of a table that has clearly been used and loved. We also plan to take off the table cloth eventually, but right now our kitchen has wood cabinets, and I don’t want to feel like I’m cooking in a lumber yard. There is a big kitchen project on the horizon this summer. Stay tuned!

And if you are still reading, congratulations on bearing with me through such an insanely long post!

P.S. We still have cats.