Updated: Our Bedroom


So, a few weeks ago I shared this image, and I’m (finally) ready to share the whole master update!

Let me start with the back story. I have been pining over this picture of a warm, grey wall for many months now. While looking for paint for a different project we came across a paint chip of Behr Elephant Skin, and decided it belonged in our bedroom. However, we weren’t planning to do anything until summer. Then a few weeks ago, the “fix” that had been holding our bed frame together from a moving related accident let go on us. Instead of trying to patch it up in hopes of it holding awhile longer, I decided it was time for a new, grown up (read: not IKEA) bed frame.

Of course, it quickly disolved into “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”. Once we found a bed frame, we needed a new dresser, and then new nightstands. And if we were taking everything out of the room anyway, we may as well paint instead of moving everything out again in a few months. And gosh if were patching holes and painting, lets just update our artwork as well.

Wowza. Suddenly, its a new space.

This the best “before” picture I have of our bedroom.


We started out with a tufted white comforter, white sheets, white pillows, and a pop of blue and patter with these curtains. Unfortunately Bhuta was going through a rebellious kitten phase and peed on our white comforter. Three or four times. And while I’m a big fan of pattern mixing, the new comforter paired with the existing curtains was a bit much for me. I also didn’t love the generic “bed in a bag” throw pillows. Super matchy is not my jam.

Anyway, our already broken bed really broke, and suddenly we were here:


I was more than happy to take out that damn yellow-tan paint in yet another room.

DSC_0675 DSC_0650 DSC_0666

I kid you not, deciding on a bed was so much harder than buying a house! We ended up going with this turn of the century Arts and Crafts movement inspired bed, and the coordinating dresser. I just couldn’t do a full coordinating bedroom set, and we ended up going with the nightstand. It is more rustic than what typically falls into our design aesthetic, but totally eclectic and cool. After searching high and low for a rug to go between the bed and the dresser, we realized we had one (literally) right under our feet and moved it into the bedroom.




The bed used to be in the middle of the room in front of the window on the left of that first picture. Since we went with a frame with a larger headboard, we moved the bed into the corner. The room flows so much better this way, we love the change. We also recently look our our sliding closet doors and hung curtains instead. It made me crazy to only be able to see half of the closet at one time, and (lets be honest here) doors don’t always work that great when they are 60+ years old. Additionally we traded in our old back-of-the-door cheapo mirror that Grant couldn’t see his whole body in, for this big dude.

In other news, I’ve got a plan up my sleeve for those pillow shams…

DSC_0677  DSC_0659 DSC_0653 DSC_0657



And the details. Our new curtains our sheer white with a subtle geometric pattern. I made the curtain tie backs using this tutorial and the artwork was inspired here. I found that great graphic arrow pillow at Target (Threshold anyone? Target is no longer a safe place to be). I used the small brown pillow that came with our bedding set, recovered it using upholstery fabric left over from another project, and stenciled the N on using a Sharpie! I also just thought I’d show off my Catherine Holm bowl.

The wall is currently empty over the dresser but that will be changing very soon.

DSC_0664      DSC_0627


3 thoughts on “Updated: Our Bedroom

  1. You are my inspiration. I love it!!!! So cozy, and and simple, yet still has personality written all over it. 🙂

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