Happy Earth Day!

I’m one of those people who has always agreed with the need to be environmentally sustainable, to care for our earth. I’ve just never really had or sought out the knowledge to really integrate those principals into my day to day life. Not a good excuse? I know. Just stating the facts.



Anywho, my goal for Earth Day (and 2013 in general) is to make the sustainable decisions I’ve made thus far more practical, and to add some new things into my life.

Making the existing ones practical… 

The main thing I was thinking about on this topic is figuring out how to make reusable items (bags, water bottles, coffee cups) more accessible day to day. Do I own all of these things? Absolutely. Do I use them on a regular basis…  its hit or miss. For example, when I leave the house with the sole intention of going grocery shopping, I remember to bring reusable bags about half the time. When I happen to stop at the grocery store, I have a reusable bag with me 0% of the time. You know what I never (okay, almost never) forget? My purse. So, I found these little dudes on amazon.com. Even better, my husband got me the Whole Foods version of this for my birthday, without even knowing I was looking at them! Now as soon as I unpack a bag of groceries, I pack the bag up into a little ball and throw it back in my purse. Voila! Reusable bags all the time. They are seriously a life saver. Highly recommended.

Note: The ones I picked are about $10 a bag, and I picked them because they were pretty. This is a more affordable option at 3/$11.

And for some new additions…

In addition to my reusable bag upgrade, I found some mesh produce bags that I am pretty jazzed about. Eating a plant based (vegan) diet, I buy a lot of produce. And every time I’m at the grocery store I think about the mass amount of plastic I’m using to bag up all that produce. I ordered 10 of these, and I can easily tuck 9 of them inside the 10th and throw that in my purse as well. Convenient for me, happy for the planet.

Mini tangent – eating a vegan diet is probably the one action for me that makes the most significant positive environmental impact. Check out this study from the University of Michigan to learn more, or just google it. Maybe today is the day to try a Meatless Monday!

I’m in the process of sprouting seeds in a greenhouse for my own little garden, which I am so excited about. Unfortunately, Mother Nature is the process of thoroughly reminding us that she runs this show (it won’t stop snowing) and my seeds are growing crazy fast, so fingers crossed for their survival! Whenever winter finally subsides, I found the perfect pre-made raised garden bed. It’s a composite that won’t rot, and its made out of all recycled/reclaimed materials. Plus, not tools required for assembly. Score.

The other thing I am looking at for the upcoming year (in order of likelihood) are:

  1. Installing a clothesline
  2. A rain water collection system
  3. Composting

Just for good measure, I think I’ll plant a few trees today. Earth Day is kinda my favorite, can you tell?

What are you doing for Earth Day this year?


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