Making a House into a Home.



If you’ve read a few of these you know that when we moved into this house every single wall bore the same yellowy-tan paint color. You may also know that it was (I’m assuming the cheapest) flat paint. Knowing this, we decided we should probably make it a priority to paint the bathrooms sooner rather than later. Old building materials + flat paint + lots of moisture…  it just doesn’t sound like a good combination.

So there was a practicality factor. There was also the “home” factor. After living in rentals for 5 1/2 years, one of the most exciting prospects of buying a house was making it into our home. Picking paint colors and decor, making each space into exactly what we wanted it to be.

This is what we started with:



That same color as every other room, a bold printed shower curtain (which I loved, for the record) and that standard bathroom mirror that you mount with clips. (Side note, anybody need a giant mirror? It mounts to the wall with clips!) We also had black shelves over the toilet that moved with us from our townhouse. It was the kind that sits over the toilet, and it always felt… impermanent. Like we were moving again soon.

I wanted a relaxing, spa inspired feel for our main bathroom. Calm and simple would be the best two words to describe how I envisioned this space.

We started with a light blue wall color (and used Arm&Hammer paint that is especially made for bathrooms!). I had originally wanted to go with a lighter blue, but the other voting party in this process wasn’t feeling it. This is the compromise we came to, and I love how it turned out.


We also made some other changes. We bought a new mirror, put in “permanent” shelves, found a few fun accessories, diy-ed some art, and, last minute, decided to replace the shower curtain.








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