on hanging animals from your walls…

I’ve never really understood why people are so compelled to hang animal heads and/or fish from their walls. I mean, I suppose if I was up at 4:00am sitting in a freezing cold tree I might want something to show for it… but the designer part of my brain always said “agh, stop that!”.



I met this guy. There was just something about the totally kitschy midwest vibe of a mounted deer head… in chrome. I was freaking out in HomeGoods like a crazy person. Grant gave me that “here we go again with Erin’s weird ideas” look, but bought it for me as an early birthday present anyway (when we got it home and I held it up to the wall he said “it might be brilliant”. Ha!). Best h-word ever.

The greatest part about this find is that we have this massive pretty much open wall in our living room that I’d never quite figured out.


Our living room has a wall of vintage records on one side and a very “designed” mantle on the other, so I never wanted to hang more art on that wall. There must be a limit to how many frames you can reasonably have in one room. However, it turns out that a chrome deer head is just what that wall needed. (And yes, I did just suggest that framed pictures were too much, but a chrome deer head was not. Wanna fight about it?)


So, a chrome deer lives in our house now. I love it. So do kittens (as seen below). What do you think?





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